Module Io

module Io: sig .. end
Input and output functions.

val input_lines : Pervasives.in_channel -> string list
input_lines chn reads all remaining lines from the channel chn and returns a list of strings containing these lines without the newline character '\n' at the line ends.
Raises Failure if the channel contains a line whose length exceeds Sys.max_string_length.
val input_all : ?block_size:int -> Pervasives.in_channel -> string
input_all ?block_size chn reads the remaining input from the channel chn and returns it as a string. The input is read in blocks of block_size characters.
Raises Failure if the length of the channel exceeds Sys.max_string_length.
block_size : default: 65536 characters, valid range: 1 <= block_size <= Sys.max_string_length.
val input : Pervasives.in_channel -> string -> int -> int -> int
input chn buffer pos length reads up to length characters from the channel chn and stores them in the string buffer, starting at position pos. It returns the actual number of characters read. A value less than length is only returned if there are less than length characters available from chn (the input function in the Pervasives module is allowed to read less than length characters if it "finds it convenient to do a partial read").
Raises Invalid_argument if pos and length do not specify a valid substring of buffer.